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Amiad Australia is a subsidiary of Amiad Filtrations Systems Ltd., distributing a range of water treatment solutions and representing various international water product manufacturers to the Australian water industry.

Air Valves

Air Valves, Sewage Air Valves and Check Valves for applications in municipal water supply, sewage industry and waste water treatment. To view the ARI information for products “distributed” by Amiad Australia.

Mini Raw Water Air Valves
Automatic Clean Water Air Valves
Combination Clean Water Air Valves
Raw/Wastewater Air Valves

Underground Air Valves
Check Valves
Technical Publications
AutoCAD Symbols

ARI Control Valves

Superior Quality Automatic Control Valves for water distribution networks, industrial and mining applications. To view the Dorot information for the products “distributed” by Amiad Australia.

Autocad Symbols
Automatic Control Valves - Plastic
Pilot Valves
Automatic Control Valves – Metal

Backflush Valves
Direct Acting Pressure Reducing Valves
Double Flap Check valves
Butterfly Valves

Special Publications

Amiad Filtration

World recognised Manual and Automatic Filtration for all filtration requirements in water and wastewater treatment. To view the Amiad International web site for the latest product information, please click here.


4" compact
EBS 15000
AMF2 370K

Water Treatment System

Specializes in Membrane technology systems for variety of applications: supply of high quality drinking water for remote locations, industry and municipal effluent reclamation and tailor made water solutions:
• Reverse Osmosis Systems for Brackish and Sea Water desalination  
• Ultrafiltration systems for filtration of macromolecules, recycling of effluents and sewage and pre-treatment to Reverse Osmosis.
• EDI systems to produce high purity water for Power plant and Pharmaceutical applications.
• Multimedia filtration system for suspended solids removal.
• Iron Removal systems to remove iron and manganese from potable water.
• Remote monitoring and control systems
• Technical services
• Annual maintenance contracts
• O&M services
• Spares parts.
• Custom made systems
• Containerized systems
• Pre-Engineered and standard systems.


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