Amiad University - Safe& Secure Water, Penrith 2017, NSW

The next stop on the Amiad University tour was in August 2017, in Penrith, NSW - home of the Penrith Panthers NRL team. The theme of the University, Safe & Secure Water, reflected the impending release of the $1 billion Safe & Secure Water Program in NSW, the latest in a series of initiatives across the continent looking to improve the quality and availability of water in rural areas.

The contents of the program, committed to the long-term safety, sustainability & security of water in the state, in addition to the imminent adoption of Health Based Targets (HBT’s) as part of the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines, were adapted to core Amiad University seminar topics. Features on Water Safety (e.g. Crypto & Helminths Reduction, Membrane Pre-filtration, Effluent Polishing) and Water Security (Air Valve selection and Control Valve applications for Pipeline Design) were immersed in the 2-day event and were included in Amiad University staple topics on filtration technologies, automatic control & air valves, disc filtration & the culmination of these technologies together into effective treatment solutions.

Attendees were also given the opportunity to visit the nearby St.Marys Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant, where they were given a presentation & tour of the facilities by Bruce Bailey (UGL) and Rafay Siddique (GE), who showcased some of the unique features of the water recycling plant. Sydney's largest water recycling project, the plant featured reverse osmosis technology in its treatment of wastewater from the neighbouring Penrith, St.Marys & Quakers Hill sewage treatment plants. Attendees were then shown how the recycled water was then pumped back to Penrith & released into the Hawkesbury-Nepean River below Penrith Weir.

We're sure that the attendees greatly benefitted from Bruce & Rafay’s practical approach and operational expertise; please see the gallery below for photos of the tour.

A special thanks to all attendees for their time of the two days, as well as to Bruce & Rafay for the tour. To register your interest in our next Amiad University in your area, please email Chris Langan, Marketing Coordinator at Amiad Australia, or contact your local Sales Representative.

St. Marys Advanced Water Recycling Facility, NSW

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