Special edition Amiad University: Aquifer injection, storage & re-use - Perth, WA

The Amiad University series is always looking to keep up with and inform on the latest market developments and technological innovations. With this in mind, we invited a series of guest speakers to give talks on a specific topic at our Western Australia Amiad University in 2017, Aquifer injection, storage & re-use, a particularly prominent subject in Western Australia at the time.

The event saw over 50 attendees from across Western Australia come together to hear guest speakers from a variety of backgrounds:

Daniel Nelson, from the Shire of Kalamunda, spoke to our audience about how the future of groundwater and potential population growth in Western Australia influenced the long-term solution devised at the Hartfield Park project in his Shire. We found out about the successes of the project where, 2 years on from its commissioning, it has enabled the growth of participation in sports like hockey & golf in the region.

Next, we had Karen Johnston from Managed Recharge explaining the benefits of Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) & the criteria for success when implementing it. In her talk, we learnt about various applications of MAR across Western Australia, other states in Australia, and even in other countries like the USA. Karen also highlighted the differing regulations across different states in Australia for a MAR system to be implemented, and outlined the key technical considerations that need to be made before this revolutionary technique can be applied.

Finally, we had Miranda Taylor, Senior Hydrologist at Rockwater, share her wealth of experiences in the fields of groundwater exploration, aquifer assessments, mine dewatering, geothermal and managed aquifer recharge. Miranda took us through some of her numerous experiences in the Perth basin, consisting of hydrogeological assessments using numerical modelling techniques and the supervision of numerous deep drilling, bore-construction, and testing operations in the area.

There was even time for a tour of the aforementioned Hartfield Park site, where attendees were given the opportunity to see a recent project of Amiad’s comprising of a TIMEX hydrocyclone, A.R.I valves, Amiad SAF4500 automatic electric filter & Amiad AMF automatic self-cleaning cartridge filter that were selected by the successful tenderer, Advanced Pumps.

A big thank you to our guest presenters & the attendees who travelled to the 2-day seminar.
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Hartfield Park site tour

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