Water Treatment System

Specializes in Membrane technology systems for variety of applications: supply of high quality drinking water for remote locations, industry and municipal effluent reclamation and tailor made water solutions:
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems for Brackish and Sea Water desalination
  • Ultrafiltration systems for filtration of macromolecules, recycling of effluents and sewage and pre-treatment to Reverse Osmosis.
  • EDI systems to produce high purity water for Power plant and Pharmaceutical applications.
  • Multimedia filtration system for suspended solids removal.
  • Iron Removal systems to remove iron and manganese from potable water.
  • Remote monitoring and control systems
  • Technical services
  • Annual maintenance contracts
  • O&M services
  • Spares parts.
  • Custom made systems
  • Containerized systems
  • Pre-Engineered and standard systems.