Amiad Water Systems are proud to be the Australian agent and partner of A.R.I. Flow Control Equipment since 1974, supplying high quality products for irrigation, municipal and industrial applications.

A.R.I. apply strict quality control processes under an ISO9002 certified specification, and several of the A.R.I. air valve model ranges are StandardsMark certified to AS4956 (clean water), whilst others are certified to AS4883 (wastewater).

Control Valves

A.R.I. automatic control valves are pilot valve operated and are available for clean water or raw water use, with pressure ratings ranging from PN10 to PN25, in connection sizes ranging from 25mm to 400mm. They are constructed from composite materials or metal, and can be configured to perform a variety of flow control, level control, and pressure regulating applications.

Air Valves

A.R.I. air valves are available for clean water, raw water, wastewater, industrial process water and special applications, with pressure ratings ranging from PN5 to PN100, in connection sizes ranging from 15mm to 300mm, constructed from either composite materials or metal.